Driver Handbooks

Commercial Operator Training Solutions Ltd is able to provide customers with driver handbooks tailored to their operational needs.  You decide the content and we do the rest!  Working with one of our members of staff, COTS and the customer will agree broad content details – generally, for the truck, coach or bus operator.  This will include sections on drivers’ hours, daily vehicle checks, what to do in the event of an accident etc. but of course, anything else that is important to you can be included.  Typically we have included sections on projecting loads and standard procedures for delivering waste to transfer stations for our truck operators, or assisting wheelchair users and assessing pick-up and drop-off points for our coach operators.

The driver handbook is a very useful way of ensuring that your drivers (and other staff) have essential information or instructions readily available to them at all times.  It is also one way of evidencing that you have provided staff with information – a basic requirement of health and safety legislation.

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