H M Forces – Logistics and Transport Training Case Study September 2014

Having completed 26 years in the army, Del King contacted COTS who put together a course that would give him the opportunity to secure his CPC, ADR, forklift and lorry loader. Read Del King’s testimonial:

del-kingI joined the army at 16 in REME, I transferred a couple of times and completed 26 years service, achieving WO2 rank. I had gained my HGV way back when I was 17 but wanted to enhance this qualification and hopefully open variations on that theme with additional useable and employable qualifications. I contacted COTS who put together a course that would give me the opportunity to secure my CPC, ADR, forklift and lorry loader. This was fantastic to have the opportunity to secure all of this in the one place at the same time.

Over three weeks in the summer the COTS staff took me, a couple of other squaddies and on some elements a few civilians through the separate courses. The instructors were fantastic, really encouraging and having a good understanding of squaddie rapport humour and how we are familiar to learning.  Week by week all the qualifications were added to my CV and I secured employment with a builder’s merchant near to where I moved to on discharge.

Without hesitation I would encourage engagement with COTS to see what assistance they can provide for gaining real employable qualifications.

Mr Del King