Hook Loader Training

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Max Number of Delegates: 3 candidates per course
Duration: 1 Day
Length of Certification: 3 Years
Accreditation: COTS or NPORS

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone wishing to undertake formal training in Hook Loader loading/unloading operations and driving in confined areas.

Course Aim

To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the hazards and risks associated with incorrect procedures when loading and unloading, driving/reversing in confined areas. To have a working knowledge of various manoeuvring techniques of the vehicle.

Training Methods

A high proportion of hands-on demonstration and practical exercises, supplemented with classroom briefing sessions and tutorials.

Driver CPC

No, this is NOT a Driver CPC approved course.

Course content

  • Conduct pre operational checks Functions of the vehicle Accident statistics
  • To Locate and identify the major components of the vehicle and explain its functions
  • Load limits
  • Changes in laden and unladen vehicle characteristics
  • Demonstrate work related tasks
  • Configure the vehicle for travel on the public highway
  • Pick up and deposit containers of various sizes and weights
  • Check for hazards when collecting and depositing containers
  • Post work checks

Additional Information

This course must be delivered using your own vehicle at your own premises.

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